Bram Ironfell

Dwarf merchant, Member of Elsir Consortium


Bram Ironfell of Clan Ironfell is a middle aged dwarven memember of the Elsir Consortium. After the destruction of Sarshan’s dark foundry in the shadowfell and the return of the Medjay to Overlook, the Overlook Guard identified and raided multiple supply depots and drop points employed by Sarshan’s to move goods and people from his shadowfell operations to the living planes. During one such raid, clues to the whereabouts of a long lost dwarven mine were discovered. Along with information pieced together by Bram from his own personal library, it is believed that these clues hold the secret to finding the long lost Mines of Karak Lode. after hearing the Medjay’s recounting of the events of the last month, Bram is convinced that the Medjay are worthy and honorable people and so he approached them with a business proposition: Find and clear the lost Mines of Karak Lode of any vagrants, and Clan Ironfell will ensure that not only are the Medjay handsomely rewarded for their efforts, but that the City of Overlook is provided with the weapons needed to ensure the defense of the Elsir Vale.


Bram Ironfell

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