Mabus Stormbringer

Drow Storm Sorcerer of Bahamut


Little is known about this Bahatmut worshipping drow sorcerer except that he keeps to himself and is deadly with his knife. Mabus was first encountered by the Medjay during the debriefing of the Overlook Elders Council, though he was never introduced. It is unknown what the exact nature of his relationship with Bram Ironfell is, but it is known that they are affiliated in some manner. Larson overheard Bram inviting Mabus to his villa for a private meeting, but the nature of that meeting is unknown.
Mabus was encountered again in the town of Dunesend when he, Darion DunDee, and Ajax Bronzechest came in and killed some Satyr’s coming to reinforce Content Not Found: the-warden. After the battle, it was decided that Ajax,Darion, and Mabus would stay and defend Dunesend while Tirali, Larson Jansen, and Jonoh Lightbringer headed into the desert to find the long lost Mines of Karak Lode.


Mabus Stormbringer

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