Male Shadar-Kai arms dealer


Sarshan is a powerful Shadar-Kai arms dealer and mercenary hailing from the Shadowfell and was first encountered by the Medjay while they were searching for Modra in Overlook shortly after the destruction of The Nexus and the defeat of Tusk (The begining of the “Shadow Rift of Umbraforge” adventure path). Sarshan has been responsible for arming and supplementing several large armies with magical weapons, armor, personnel, and even magical beasts he created in his dark foundry.

Sarshan is very careful about the individuals he deals weapons to. He never sells when the deal can come back and be traced to him. For this reason, Sarshan rejected a request for weapons from the orc chieftain, Tusk. One of Sarshan’s employees, the dark creeper Modra, went behind Sarshan’s back and sold the weapons to Tusk anyway, in some misguided attempt to prove himself to Sarshan. When Tusk’s attempt to conquer Overlook failed and Sarshan learned of Modra’s treachery, he began searching for him when he became aware of the Medjay‘s investigation. Posing as an old man named Brenant in the Happy Beggar. Sarshan fed the adventurers information in an attempt to use them to track down and kill Modra as a test to see if they might serve as good replacements for Modra. What he did not anticipate is that both Modra and the Medjay would wind up in the shadowfell in his base camp at the Umbraforge. After the Medjay had slain Modra, Sarshan’s forces captured the Medjay while they attempted to infiltrate the Umbraforge Tower. Impressed that the party had not only slain Modra but had also killed several of his own troops, Sarshan informed the party that he held no malice towards the PC’s and that he was, at the end of the day, a business man. He offered the Medjay a choice, they could repay Sarshan for his soldiers they had killed either by dying or by joining him as his new lieutenants. After some quick thinking and smooth talking, Larson convinced Sarshan that the Medjay would join him, after all, “We got bills to pay son”. Satisfied that he had found a replacements for Modra, Sarshan informed the party that all the arms deals he had been brokering recently were on behalf of a single client with big plans. He told the PC’s he a special job for them and that he would send for them soon. He then left only to discover later that the PC’s had double crossed him, not only killing one of his other lieutenants, but destroying his forge. Sarshan’s current whereabouts are unknown, but it is possible he was killed in the destruction of the Umbraforge.



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