Medjay - Scales of war

Seige of Boradin's Watch

A Call to Arms

  • A messenger arrives in Brindol carrying news that an attack on the vale is eminent. The party mobilizes to Overlook .
  • Arrive in Overlook to find hundreds of adventuring parties and warriors.
  • Drinking competition with the Freeriders! (Medjay Win!)
  • Meeting with the Overlook Elders Council
    • Assigned by the Council to investigate the loss of communication with the Monastary of the Sundered Chain.
    • Strong Objections by the Farstriders who insist the Freeriders be assigned the task.

Monastary of the Sundered Chain

  • the Monastery of the Sundered Chain preserves the memories of the hard¬ships endured at the hands of the giants, and it trains initiates in fighting arts useful for battling these foes.
  • Shrine dedicated to Moradin
  • Small force of Orc Sentries noticed upon arrival
  • Entered the Hall of Moradin
    • All the priests, clerics, and monks were slain
    • Shrine defamed to worship Gruumsh
    • Secret Stairway leading to the Hall of Heroes

  • Hall of Heroes
    • Dwarves murdered in their sleep
    • Orcs and Orogs
    • Led to a Massive cavern and then onto the Chamber of Works
  • Chamber of Works
    • Og, the Orog champion was beating Kaladto death
    • A tunnel into the forge had been collapsed and molten rock was everywhere
    • Slayed the Orog champion and a witch
    • Kalad informed the PC’s of the network of tunnels beneath the mountains, formed by the dwarven mining operations
    • Kalad has sealed two of the three possible routes through the other side of the mountain.
    • Kalad insisted on going to the Vents to insure that the Farstriders were successful in sealing the Nexus of tunnels
The Vents
  • Traveled a maze of tunnels that exhausted sulfer and noxious gas.
  • Tunnels led to an underground dwarven structure. Immediately encountered orcs
  • Found a dwarven trap, (3 homunculi and 4 magic turrets) that only targeted non dwarves.
  • Entered a boiler room with orcs, Fire beetles, and a Dark One emissary (A short humanoid wearing a long black cloak is examining an iron wheel connected to the southern pipe.) It was discovered that this and other Dark Creepers were selling arms and tactical information to the Orcs.
  • Dark one carried a brass key to the shadowfell
  • Sprawled across the floor is the beheaded remains of Jen, the half-elf warlock and member of the Farstriders. She was killed by the orc sergeant
  • Opened all the valves to seal the Nexus.
  • Entered a defamed shrine to moradin.
  • Cave troll eating the remains of the other Farstriders
    • 8 orcs with the troll
    • You notice the altar shines brilliantly, as if Moradin was calling for you to purify this chamber.

The Nexus
  • Activated a control panel which sealed the Nexus and flooded the room. Once the control panel was activated, boiling water slowely flooded the chamber.
  • Battled and slew Tusk, the Orog Chieftain and his mistress Myrissa, the Shadar Kai witch
Rescue at Rivenroar

Raid on Brindol

After a week of travel to Brindol in response to Council Member Eoffram Troyas call for help, Jonoh Lightbringer, [Jansen, Larson, Tirali, and Zachiel arrive at the Antler and Thistle tavern where they await the arrival of the last member of their party, Ajax Bronzechest. As the Medjay enjoys some frosty beverages, screams are heard from outside. At that moment, a band of goblins bearing the mark of the Red Hand burst through the door, attacking the patrons and attempting to set fire to the bar. The Medjay slay the goblins, douse the flames, and rush outside to find an Ogre pulling a cart filled with flaming tar bombs and two goblin archers. While the townsfolk rush around trying to put out the flaming building, the Medjay spring into action, igniting the cart and killing the invaders. After chasing the remaining goblins out of the city, the Medjay rendezvous with the city guard to ensure the safety of the after. After a nights rest, the party was approached by Eoffram Troyas. Troyas, informs the PC’s that the invaders have killed hundreds, caused massive amounts of property damage, have broken in and stolen artifacts from the Hall of Great Valor, and have kidnapped several citizen (Jalissa, sertanian, Kartenix, Thurann, Mirtala, Zerriksa, and Adronsius Bronzechest). Troyas informs the party that the rest of the Brindol Council refuses to send a rescue party because “The city can’t spare its defenders” and while he disagrees, his hands are tied. Troyasmquests the PC’s with rescuing the kidnapped citizens, and recovering the stolen artifacts. Upon agreeing, Troyas directs the Medjay to interrogate a captured goblin named Morrik. Morrik reveals that the invading forces were under the command of a hobgoblin named Sinruth and are a resurrection of the old Kulkor Zhul Red Hand.

Rivenroar Crypt

The Medjay entered the crypt and encountered all maners of foes including:

  • Several gnomes (fey)
  • Goblins
  • Hobgoblins
  • Undead (shadowfell)
  • Ettercaps (shadowfell)
  • Gelatinous cube from a portal to the shadowfell
  • Various animals (hounds, rats, and drakes)
  • Elemental monsters controlled by fey creatures (Magma Claws and evistro)

after clearing much of the crypt, the Medjay faced and easily slayed the leader of the new Red Hand, Sinruth. The party learned that Sinruth had plans to raise an army and carve out a fiefdom of his own. A letter found on his person indicated that he had captured prisoners to feed his undead allies and that the attack on Brindol and the theft of the relics from the Hall of Great Valor were both instigated by an entity known as The Emissary who promissed to provide Sinruth with many more to command if he attacked the city and stole the relics.

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