Led by Edgar Sommerfield, a warlord of some fame, the Farstriders were far and above the most successful adventuring party in the Elsir Vale. Hence they were tasked with securing The Vents during the Siege of Bordrin’s Watch. They had slain a black dragon, ousted a nest of kobolds, and even undertaken an expedition into the Shadowfell.

The Farstriders were all slain in their attempt to seal the Nexus and The Vents, leaving it to Kalad and the Medjay to save Overlook and the Elsir Vale from the Tusk’s Orc Invasion.

Members of the Farstriders include:

  • Edgar Sommerfield, Human Warlord
  • Uulath, Elf Ranger
  • Reiner, Elf Ranger
  • Jen, Half-elf Warlock
  • Corben, a Human Fighter.



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