This is an attempt at running the ENTIRE scales of war adventure path using three GM’s who rotate on a “by adventure basis” (aka, each GM is a player for 2 games, then a GM for the third).

Special thanks to LaserWolf who has been a tremendous help to myself and the other GM’s. Many of the character profiles for NPC’s in this campaign borrowed heavily from his Scales of War Campaign, The Fancy Bastards

Adventure Log

Adventure Path Levels Start Date End Date
Rescue at Rivenroar 01>03 01/16/2010 04/06/2010
Seige of Boradin’s Watch 03>05 04/13/2010 06/15/2010
Shadow Rift of the Umbraforge 05>06 06/25/2010 08/10/2010
Lost Mines of Karak 06> 01/11/2011 2011

The party is known as the Medjay and consists/ has consisted of the following members:

Medjay - Scales of war

jonsanders2004 eah705 Guyoncouch lunkhead