The Happy Beggar

The Happy Beggar is an out-of-the-way poorhouse run by a husband-and-wife team of retired paladins. The Beggar is normally the last place to look for potential intrigue, if only because its reputation for piety among the locals means no self-respecting adventurers ever go near it.

The Beggar sits sandwiched between a warehouse block and a section of rundown tenements. What no one outside of a small number of dark one and shadar-kai operatives knew is that the almshouse was owned by Sarshan, and it concealed the heart of his arms-running enterprise within the city.

Prashant and his wife Ausma run the Happy Beggar on the proceeds of their former life as adventurers. Both are scrupulously lawful good, their honesty obvious to anyone. The paladins rent this space from one of Sarshan’s front companies, but they knew nothing of him, his operations, or the hidden areas of the cellar.

Though the Happy Beggar sat atop Sarshan’s Shadowfell gate, the almshouse was rarely used as a transit point. Instead, creatures and goods arriving from the Shadowfell were sent through a teleportation portal to one of a number of nearby warehouses.

Though they were not aware of it at the time, the Medjay encountered Sarshan– disguised as an old man – within the Happy Beggar.

The Happy Beggar

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